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Shepherd Contracting Seeks To Gain Traction In A Competitive Phoenix Metropolitan Area Market

PHOENIX, AZ – 3rd August 2022 –  The team is excited to announce that a growing, dynamic, full-service construction company, Shepherd Contracting, has entrusted its digital marketing services to Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing LLC. The partnership is timely for Shepherd Contracting, a newly-established full-service construction company, to stand toe-to-toe

with more established contractors. Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing has demonstrated its ability to boost the growth of its clients, primarily small businesses around the Phoenix area, through its effective digital marketing strategies that are tailor-made for companies across a wide variety of specializations.

Founded in 2019 by Thomas Shepherd with his nephew, Shepherd Contracting is a burgeoning company with its roots in its founders’ vast experience. Having worked in the construction industry for fifty years, they decided to leave their own mark and stamp their brand in the Phoenix metropolitan area market. Despite being established recently, it has built a solid reputation for quality, excellent customer service, safety, and integrity. It is their mission, after all, to treat their customers and employees as a part of their family. In its first few years of operation, its clients have recognized the tremendous value of the uncle-and-nephew team of contractors in commercial, residential, remodelling, service work, and maintenance. With Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing marketing campaigns, Shepherd Contracting is looking to take its unique brand of service to more clients in the Phoenix metropolitan area and beyond.

Today’s highly-competitive construction sector, especially in the growth zones around the Phoenix metropolitan area, requires companies such as Shepherd Contracting to adapt to the latest marketing techniques to gain visibility to a market hungry for its services. Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing has provided similar companies, especially in the construction sector, an added boost in their traction to enable them to take strides to realize their business goals. These two companies have proven track records of providing their clients with optimum visibility through marketing strategies specifically made for their clients. With decades of combined experience producing results for Arizona, the East Coast, as well as international clients, the move of Shepherd Contracting to acquire their services can prove to be a game changer.

Diamond Arrow, one of the most dependable digital marketing agencies in Gilbert, AZ, and the Phoenix metropolitan area, is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides SEO, web design services, and highly-specific marketing packages suited for companies such as Shepherd Contracting, that can help them reach their growth targets within a short time frame. Their local and national SEO strategies have enabled small businesses to gain traction that is relatively at par with more established brands. With their digital solution packages, highly-engaging websites that appeal to their target clients, companies such as Shepherd Contracting will have the potential to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. 

About Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing

Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing, based in Gilbert, Arizona, is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers the latest in online digital marketing strategies, SEO, and web design services for online businesses, individuals, e-retailers, artists, small businesses, and many others across a vast range of industrial and marketing sectors. Diamond Arrow Digital marketing provides top-notch service for clients that result in consistently excellent results for their growth online.

About Shepherd Contracting

Founded in 2019, Shepherd Contracting is led by an uncle-and-nephew team who have worked in the construction industry for over 50 years. They are a full-service commercial, residential construction, remodelling, and maintenance company based in Phoenix, Arizona, serving clients from across the Phoenix metropolitan area. Satisfied clients have hailed previous work in home, kitchen & bathroom remodelling as few of the highest-quality and the most beautifully-designed remodelling work in the Phoenix Valley area.



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