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2nd of November 2022 – Team Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing is pleased to announce that they are taking on board Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC of Long Island, New York, as their latest digital marketing client. Being a dependable digital marketing solutions provider for many small businesses and enterprises in Arizona for many years, it has now taken a big step by taking in another client from the East Coast through Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC. Through the help of Diamond Arrow’s exceptional SEO and digital marketing solutions, Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC will be able to gear up its marketing campaigns and provide the chance to share its excellent divorce mediation solutions with more clients across New York state.

win-win divorce solutions llc

Founded in 2012, Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC offers one of the only Long Island divorce mediation services that provides impartial co-mediation experience from mediators who have experience and training in both law and social work. Their founders are Bradley Berfas, a seasoned attorney/mediator whose expertise includes negotiation and collaboration, interpersonal relations, and the art of effective listening, and Jeffrey Savitt, an exceptional negotiator with broad collaboration skill sets and experience in clinical and diagnostic backgrounds as a Medical Case Worker with an MSW degree. Together, they provide an effective and desirable alternative through divorce mediation to spare potential clients from expensive, stressful, and long-drawn divorce litigation through amicable divorce resolution. With offices in Hauppauge Suffolk County Long Island, Lake Success Nassau County Long Island, and New York City, they are expanding their services to more clients state-wide.

As small local businesses try to be competitive in the digital age, they will be looking for ways to aspire for growth by taking in more clients. Traditional marketing practices can only maintain the survival of small businesses to an extent. However, to thrive in a highly-competitive business environment, small local businesses need to be exceptional when they deliver their brand to more potential clients. That is when Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing comes in which provides highly personalized and well-targeted marketing campaigns that are efficient, effective, and affordable. With the rate of success they have provided for Arizona-based small businesses, it is no surprise that clients from across the nation are beginning to recognize the potential Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing can give them a competitive edge even against bigger competition.

Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing, one of the most trusted digital marketing service providers based in Gilbert, Az, is a full-service digital marketing agency that has provided SEO, web design services, and highly-personalized digital marketing packages that are the perfect fit for each of their clients. Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing has had a long track record of success among small companies in Arizona to achieve unprecedented growth rates through their highly-efficient digital marketing campaigns. From engaging websites, effective local and national SEO campaigns, and affordable services that exceed expectations, their exceptional value has endeared them to an ever-growing list of clients through the years.

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Diamond Arrow Digital Marketing is based in Gilbert, Arizona. They are a full-service digital marketing agency that helps small local businesses achieve growth through their five-star digital marketing services, including website design, SEO, and the most up-to-date digital marketing strategies designed specifically for each client. Committed to engaging actively with a wide variety of clients, from manufacturers, e-retailers, artists, lawyers, doctors, construction companies, and many others, they are renowned as multi-dimensional marketing experts who are the perfect fit for small businesses that aspire for success in today’s age.

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About Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC

Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC was founded by Bradley Berfas, a seasoned general attorney/mediator, and Jeffrey Savit, a professional divorce mediator with exceptional experience and expertise in the medical field and social work. Win-Win Divorce Solutions offers excellent divorce mediation services through their experience in both legal and social work, making divorce less stressful for their clients. Their five-star service and commitment to achieving the most amicable solutions possible have made them highly recommended by their growing list of clients.


Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC
Address 1979 Marcus Ave Suite 210, Lake Success, NY 11042
Phone: 516-960-7667
Email: [email protected]


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